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Three Bottles of Beer

A new gentleman walked into a bar and grabs a spot at the far end of the bar. The bartender went down to get his order and said, "What'll it be?" The man answered, "3 bottles of beer." The bartender obligingly served up three cold ones, which the man downed pretty quickly. Then the man motioned to the bartender and said, "Three more please."
 Well, this went on night after night. Soon the regular customers became very curious and asked the bartender to investigate. "Go see why he always orders three beers at a time?" they said.
 So the bartender went up to the man and inquired. "Well its quite simple really. You see when I started drinking I would always drink with my brothers. We always drank together. Then one of them moved to the east coast and one moved out west. But we still drink together. I order three drinks, one for me and one for my brothers, and they do the same thing where they live. That way we always drink together."
 The bartender then went back and explained this to the other bar-flies. Again things went back to normal, and every day the man came in and ordered 3 beers. Several weeks passed, and then one day he came into the bar and sat down at his favorite spot. When the bartender came back to take his order the man said, "Two beers, please."
 Well, the crowd overheard his order and were very surprised. Many of them whispered to each other, "Something bad must have happened." Not being able to restrain themselves, they pestered the bartender to find out what had happened. So he went up to the man and said, "Everyone wants to know why only two tonight?" 
 The man spoke quickly to assure the bartender, "Everything is alright; nothing bad has happened. My brothers are just fine." "Well, what gives?" said the barkeeper. "Well, its like this, neither one of of my brothers are religious, but I go to church every so often. I decided to give up booze for Lent!"