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Two Irishmen, who both were party animals, managed to save a little money. Soon they called their travel agent and had booked a luxury cruise. They anxiously awaited their departure date and talked for weeks about all the partying they would do. A few weeks passed and then it was time for Bon Voyage.
 Excited, they walked up the gangplank and were shown to there stateroom where a cold bottle of champagne waited. Soon the ship pulled away from the docks, and the two men were off to the races. Both were well on their way to being totally wasted when an announcement came over the loud speaker, "Abandon Ship!"
 Neither man could believe his ears, but soon realized this was no joke. They made there way to the lifeboats and climbed into the last one and were lowered into the sea. Days passed and they began to feel desperate as they drifted alone. All their drugs had been consumed and both were quite parched. "Man, I could really use a drink about now," one said.
 His friend began to vigorously search throughout the life raft. He happened upon an old dusty bottle underneath one of the seats. As he dusted off the bottle and rubbed the label to see what was in the
 container - a genie popped out. The genie told the men he had been trapped in the bottle for a long time and was going to leave right away for home to see his family.
 The older man spoke up and said, "Wait, don't we get three wishes?" The genie, grateful to have been set free, hurriedly said, "I really have to go, I'm in a hurry to see my family, but I will grant you one wish before I leave." The man thought for a moment and said, "We have nothing to drink and we will die out here soon, so I wish the entire ocean was made of Guinness. Instantly the genie waved his hands and then disappeared. The color of the sea changed. Both of the men bent over the side of the boat and tasted the liquid.
 Sure enough, it was Guinness and it was even cold. The older man looked at his friend and said, "This is the best Guinness I've ever had." The other quickly agreed, but added, "You know what this means. Now we will have to pee in the boat!"