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Helping Those Who Need It Most - One Day At A Time

Late Stages

There were two chronic alcoholics, Joe and Charlie, that were best drinking buddies. Every night they would visit the same tavern and drink all night until they closed the place. One night, just before closing time, the alcoholic that was slightly less inebriated than his friend noticed a foul odor in the room. He started sniffing to see if he could locate the origin of this smell. He sniffed left and right, up and down.He kept sniffing. Finally, he leaned over to his friend and took a deep whiff. Sure enough, this is where the odor was coming from.

He leaned over to his friend who was 3 sheets to the wind and said, "Hey Joe, did you mess your pants?" Joe looked up, bleary eyed and responded, "Yup!" Charlie, looking shocked, whispered back, "Well, why don't you go clean yourself up." Joe glanced up from his glass again and said, "Because I'm not through yet!"