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Improved Sight

It was Friday afternoon and Joe was leaving work, when several of his friends invited him to stop at the tavern before he went home. Joe said, "Why not, I deserve it. I worked hard this week." So off they went. Well Joe quickly polished off three cold drafts and then ordered a shot and a beer. Soon he was feeling fine. 
 Time passed and Joe looked at his watch. "Oh man, I'm late for supper, the old lady's going to be mad." Joe thought for a minute and decided to order another shot and a beer while he thought of a good excuse. Soon Joe got caught up in all the excitement and forgot about going home. He just kept on drinking. 
 Late into the evening one of Joe's old High School party friends showed up. He motioned for Joe to follow and Joe hopped off his bar stool and followed his friend into the bathroom. Joe's friend opened his wallet and pulled out a small aluminum packet and said, "Got some great coke." Then Joe was off to the races. Three days passed before Joe finally returned home.
 Joe's wife spent the better part of the next three hours yelling at him. She nagged and nagged. She cried and cried. Finally, hoping to elicit some guilt she said, "How would you like it if you didn't see me for three days. Joe thoughtfully responded, "What would be wrong with that?"
 All day Tuesday went by and Joe didn't see his wife. Then Wednesday came and went, still he didn't even get a peak at his wife. Then all day Thursday passed and still no sight of his wife. Finally, Friday rolled around and the swelling around his eyes had gone down enough that he could just barely see his wife out of the corner of one eye.