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Free Beer

A drunk walks into a tavern and walks up to the bar. The bartender wanders over and says, "What'll it be?" He replies, "Free beer all around!" So the bartender sets up a cold one for everyone in the bar. Then the drunk says, "I'll have a shot and a beer and get a shot and a beer for yourself since you are so nice." So the bartender pours a couple of shots and two more drafts.
 The drunk downs his shot and follows it with a swallow of his draft. The bartender follows suit and then says, "That'll be $48.50 please." The drunk responds, "I've got no money."
 With that the bartender jumps over the bar and throws the guy out, kicking him in the rear on his way out the door. The drunk lands face down on the sidewalk.
 A little while later, the drunk returns and the bartender says," What are you doing back here?" Again the drunk responds, "Free beer for everyone and I'll take a shot and a beer, too." "But don't pour one for yourself, you get mean when you drink!"